The SO2 story continues in the Dutch Kingdom

Due to the operations of the Isla on Curaçao, the sulfurdioxide (SO2) concentrations leeward this refinery are huge. For example, provisional measurements, for the May 2014 period, outline several violations of environmental quality standards as provided by the World Health Organization (see below). That is, exceeding 24-hour means (20 µg/m3) and 10-minute means (500 µg/m3). The values below are exceptions? Unfortunately not. Even since Shell, citizens have been exposed to this polluted air. Following the Dutch Kingdom Charter (Art. 43), Prime Minister Rutte has to force the Curaçao Government to control this refinery as human rights are violated, such was emphasized by the Curaçao judge. Rutte knows, but the international poltical audience not. Consequently, Rutte doesn’t act and so the SO2 story continues.


Reacties zijn gesloten