Curaçao Chronicle: ‘Shell has moral duty to make refinery cleaner’

WILLEMSTAD – According to the Dutch MP for GroenLinks, Liesbeth van Tongeren, the oil Isla refinery will sooner or later have to close its doors. “We will have to stop at any moment with fossil fuels”.

“So the question is how long you can keep Isla refinery still around. You still need to have a plan B for Curaçao,” said Van Tongeren on the radio program ‘What a week!’ “The immediate problem is that there is a lot of toxic smoke entering the air, on that I want to be well informed.”

Last weekend Van Tongeren spoke to various parties about the refinery and she also got to visit the Isla-terrain.

“I would be delighted if Shell could take a look at what they can do to help. They have a moral responsibility, because it is the Shell that has constructed the refinery on the island. If it is not financially, perhaps by assisting with knowledge.”

Source: Curaçao Chronicle

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