SMOC and “National Integrity System Assessment: Curaçao 2013”: violation of human rights

Following the Air Quality Index of the US Environmental Protection Agency, living leeward the Isla-refinery (which is operated by PDVSA) is hazardous. As a consequence, since 2001 SMOC has been alarming for this environmental disaster in myriad ways, e.g. media reports and tens of lawsuits against the Isla and the Curaçao Government. Though still the problem has not been solved and, therefore, thousands of people are suffering from health diseases. Indeed, this was captured in the National Integrity System Assessment: Curaçao 2013 report as follows:

,,Furthermore, for many years the environmental organisation Stichting Milieu Organisatie Curaçao (SMOC) has been trying to limit the pollution caused by an oil refinery in Curaçao. The organisation initiated and carried out various court proceedings to achieve this. Despite several court decisions in SMOC’s favour, the government refuses to enforce the Nuisance Licence (hinderwetvergunning) which was granted in 1997 to the refinery.”

Still, there is hope as tuesday the Dutch House of Common will vote about a motion tabled by six political parties, which recognizes the violation of human rights and unsound policies regarding the Isla by the Curaçao Government. SMOC stays tuned. You too?

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