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Reuters: ‘Exclusive: Millions of barrels of Venezuelan oil stuck at sea in dirty tankers’

By Marianna Parraga and Mircely Guanipa | HOUSTON/PUNTO FIJO, Venezuela HOUSTON/PUNTO FIJO, Venezuela More than 4 million barrels of Venezuelan crude and fuels are sitting in tankers anchored in the Caribbean sea, unable to reach their final destination because state-run PDVSA cannot pay for hull cleaning, inspections, and other port services, according to internal documents and Reuters data. About a dozen tankers are being held back because the hulls have been soiled by crude, stemming from several oil leaks in … Lees meer

Greenpeace International on Curaçao

Internationally, Greenpeace is one the biggest NGOs aiming for environmental protection. Heretofore, it uses ships. One of these ships, the Esperanza, is right now on Curaçao. According to the Twitter page of the Esperanza, the aim of this ship is to improve the ‘health’ of oceans. Amongst the people of Curaçao, it is widely known that the coral reefs and its biodiversity surrounding Curacao are threatened by environmental pollution caused by the Isla-refinery. Perhaps Greenpeace will be shocked by this … Lees meer

Marine Ecology Progress Series: oil spills harm coral reefs

Abstract: Oil spills cause damage to marine wildlife that lasts well past their immediate aftermath. Marine offspring that must settle and metamorphose to reach adulthood may be particularly prone to harm if the legacy of oil exposure interrupts later transitions across life stages. Following an oil spill on Curaçao, we found that oil-contaminated seawater reduced settlement of 2 coral species by 85% and 40% after exposure had ended. The effect of contamination on settlement was more severe than any direct … Lees meer

Pennsylvania State University: high contents of vanadium in soils near oil-refinery on Curaçao

For many years, the Isla-refinery has been at the center of public debate due to its actions causing environmental pollution and affecting public health. These public voices became increasingly fueled with scientific knowledge. For example, in 1976 Elgershuizen and De Kruijf concerned with the impact of oil-spills on coral reefs (“Toxicity of crude oils and dispersant to the stony coral Madracis mirabilis”, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 7 (2), pp. 22-25,1976). And recently, Pulster (University of South Florida) published her PhD thesis that … Lees meer

Watch this movie: violation of human rights and the environment by PDVSA refinery and the Government (in the Dutch Kingdom, on Curaçao)

Watch this movie (Breathless): a boy living leeward the Isla-refinery on Curacao

Under leadership of Eloise van Wickeren, a movie has been made about a young boy who lives in the neighborhood of the Isla-refinery on Curaçao. His life is affected by the huge pollution of this refinery, that’s what this movie tells you. Unfortunately, it is essentially non-fiction as this movie reflects many daily lifes of young children on Curaçao. Do you like to watch this movie? Click here to watch: Breathless.

Press release: Environmental pollution in Dutch Kingdom ranks top 10 worldwide (on Curaçao)

What is Curaçao? It is a beautiful island in the Dutch Caribbean and, as a country with approximately 150.000 inhabitants and a status aparte, it is part of the Dutch Kingdom. Amongst others, Curaçao is well-known for its coral reefs and the sea life pursuant thereto: biodiversity is huge. Unfortunately, there is also a dark side to it. According to Erin Pulster (University of South Florida), Curaçao ranks in the top 10 of environmental pollution due to the emissions of the … Lees meer

Disgusting = ….. Isla (PDVSA) oil refinery on Curaçao by night

May 28, 2016: Stop the pollution

Curaçao Chronicle: ‘The government is challenging environmental foundations to take legal action’

WILLEMSTAD – According to a press release from the environmental organizations SMOC and SHZC, they are obliged to inform the community that the government does not respect its own environmental regulations. “Again the government refused to provide the environmental foundations and the experts appointed by the Court a copy of the environmental reports of 2014 (and the first half of 2015), which were supposed to be turned in by both the Isla Refinery and BOO in accordance with their Nuisance … Lees meer