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Curaçao Chronicle: ‘Curaçao pivot in international environmental scandal’

WILLEMSTAD – The raid by local authorities at Asphalt Lake Recovery last Tuesday morning indicates possible involvement of Curaçao in an international environmental scandal. This is according to Herman Piso, expert in the field of asphalt processing. Mixing asphalt with mainly chemical and carcinogenic waste into fuel is a little-known form of environmental crime where, according to the Dutch Justice, millions of euros are being earned with this practice. Continue reading at Curaçao Chronicle.    

Reuters: ‘Ex-officials at Venezuela’s PDVSA pleaded guilty in bribe case: U.S.’

Three former officials at Venezuela’s state oil company have pleaded guilty to U.S. charges related to a scheme by two businessmen to corruptly secure energy contracts, the U.S. Justice Department said on Wednesday. The three former officials at Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) [PDVSA.UL] pleaded guilty under seal in December to conspiracy to commit money laundering. Their pleas were unsealed by a federal judge in Houston on Tuesday. The ex-PDVSA officials are Jose Luis Ramos Castillo, 38; Christian Javier Maldonado … Lees meer

Reuters: ‘PDVSA to receive U.S. crude cargo from PetroChina: traders’

Venezuela’s state-oil firm PDVSA has bought a 500,000-barrel cargo of U.S. crude from trading company PetroChina for delivery April 1-10 at its terminal in the Caribbean island of Curacao, traders told Reuters on Monday. The purchase is separate from a large tender launched by PDVSA to buy some 8 million barrels of U.S. and Nigerian crudes that was awarded last week to British firm BP and China Oil. Both PetroChina and China Oil are units of state-run China National Petroleum … Lees meer

Curaçao Chronicle: ‘Dutch Parliament Adopts Isla Motion’

WILLEMSTAD – Today the Dutch House of Representatives has officially given its support to the Isla motion. The Dutch Government is herein instructed to urge the Curaçao government to take measures to reduce emissions within a period of three months. After that period the House should be informed about the progress. The motion pollution from the Isla refinery is also characterized as a violation of human rights. The lack of enforcement is defined as improper administration by the government. Minister Ronald … Lees meer

SMOC and “National Integrity System Assessment: Curaçao 2013”: violation of human rights

Following the Air Quality Index of the US Environmental Protection Agency, living leeward the Isla-refinery (which is operated by PDVSA) is hazardous. As a consequence, since 2001 SMOC has been alarming for this environmental disaster in myriad ways, e.g. media reports and tens of lawsuits against the Isla and the Curaçao Government. Though still the problem has not been solved and, therefore, thousands of people are suffering from health diseases. Indeed, this was captured in the National Integrity System Assessment: Curaçao 2013 report … Lees meer

The Daily Herald: ‘Call in Second Chamber for intervention in Isla refinery’

THE HAGUE–The Labour Party PvdA is moving to seek a majority support in the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament for intervention by the Kingdom Government to halt the excessive pollution caused by Curaçao’s Isla refinery. Enough is enough, Member of the Second Chamber Roelof van Laar (PvdA) made clear during a general debate with Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk on Thursday. He wants the Kingdom Council of Ministers to start preparing an instruction ordering the … Lees meer

To watch: the Isla refinery of PDVSA on Curaçao (Dutch Kingdom)

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Curaçao Chronicle: ‘Shell has moral duty to make refinery cleaner’

WILLEMSTAD – According to the Dutch MP for GroenLinks, Liesbeth van Tongeren, the oil Isla refinery will sooner or later have to close its doors. “We will have to stop at any moment with fossil fuels”. “So the question is how long you can keep Isla refinery still around. You still need to have a plan B for Curaçao,” said Van Tongeren on the radio program ‘What a week!’ “The immediate problem is that there is a lot of toxic … Lees meer

Who pays environmental claims of citizens and NGOs? Isla-refinery (PDVSA) or the Curaçao Government?

A few months ago, SMOC published the “Agreement between the Netherlands Antilles, the island territory of Curaçao and Petroleos De Venezuela S.A.”. Yet, it is fully known that the positive economic contribution of the Isla-refinery to the Curaçao economy is much lesser than several public voices might expect. Moreover, since its ever existence, the actions of the Isla have been yielding negative economic contributions too. Due to its huge emissions of environmental contaminants, people have been suffering from several diseases. … Lees meer

COP21 alert: Caribbean part of Dutch Kingdom belongs to top 5 CO2 emissions per capita

Due to the burning of fossil fuels, CO2 is released to the atmosphere. This is accompanied with ocean acidification and an increasing sea level. In the end, small island development states (SIDS) and coral reefs will pay the highest price for these developments. Indeed, small islands are unable to economically counterbalance these global trends. Since 26 January 2010, this has been formally recognized by the European Union, jointly with for instance Aruba and Curaçao (both SIDS as part of the Dutch … Lees meer