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Entorno Inteligente and Curaçao Chronicle: ’75 million guilders oil refinery is not for SMOC!’

WILLEMSTAD – From various media reports in the last days it seems as if the environmental foundation SMOC is after the 75 million guilders of the oil refinery to bring the company’s existence in danger. These reports are totally false, according to SMOC in a press release. The environmental organization informs what exactly is going on. SMOC is 1 of 26 claimants in the case of the 75 million guilders. The case of 75 million guilders is a matter of … Lees meer

Curaçao Chronicle: ‘Environmental groups seize accounts oil refinery’

WILLEMSTAD – Environmentalist groups SMOC and Humane Care will collect 75 million guilders from the oil refinery Isla and the Build Own and Operate (BOO) plant. Through a so-called garnishment. The judge imposed a fine on appeal in 2010. To be paid for each year that there are more sulfur dioxide emissions than permitted. The judge then also determined how it should be measured. From those measurements it shows that in 2013 in both the best scenario and the worst case … Lees meer

Curaçao Chronicle: ‘Tribute to Hachchi and Van Raak: Plasterk must work proactively’

WILLEMSTAD – Last week the Dutch MPs Hachchi (D66) and Van Raak (SP) presented two motions to the Minister of Kingdom Relations, Ronald Plasterk to persuade him to make the problems around the oil refinery in Curaçao a thing of the past. Plasterk did not agree with these motions and for this reason the local environmental organization SMOC had sent him a letter with relevant legal facts: the oil refinery is acting against the law and has never been held … Lees meer

The Dutch Kingdom: face its biggest (environmental and human rights) disaster

Curaçao Chronicle: ‘SMOC Sends Letter To Plasschaert On Oil Refinery Measurements’

THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD – Environmental organization SMOC has sent a letter to the Dutch Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert of Defense. In late June she indicated that the Health Department (GGD) will measure the air quality on the island starting early 2016. In their letter SMOC demands clarification on the political-administrative consequence for the Isla refinery. Measurements of the air are taken in response to complaints from the defense personnel living in Julianadorp in 2013. The research is conducted by GGD Amsterdam … Lees meer

Has the (EU) money been used? If yes, for which purposes? If no, why not?

Located in the Caribbean Sea, north off Venezuela, with an area of 444 km² Curaçao is the largest Dutch Overseas Territory. Its population is 142,180 and the capital is Willemstad. Within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Curaçao has country status alongside the Netherlands, Aruba and Sint-Maarten. Tourism, oil refining, and international finance are the mainstays of Curaçao’s small economy which has close links with neighbouring countries. Almost all consumer and capital goods are imported. Poor soils and inadequate water supplies … Lees meer

Reuters: ‘Russia’s Rosneft negotiating $5 bln financing deal with PDVSA -source’

By Alexandra Ulmer (Reuters) – Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA and Rosneft are negotiating a financing deal under which the Russian oil major could lend its South American counterpart $5 billion, a source close to the negotiations said on Wednesday. In return, the source said, Rosneft wants to increase participation in the Petromonagas joint venture, invest in and export gas instead of selling it at a major discount on the price-controlled local market, gain more control of operations and oil sales, … Lees meer

Curaçao Chronicle: ‘Severe stench of oil refinery’

WILLEMSTAD – This morning there were a lot of complaints about the unbearable stench coming from the oil refinery Isla. At this time it was worse than ever, says the SMOC. The environmental movement says that the measurements are showing that. At Boca Sami an elderly person remained inside today because of the Isla-odor. Isla exceeded about twice the annual standard for sulfur dioxide, which produces the smell of rotten eggs, according to SMOC. Also agreements about measurements in Julianadorp … Lees meer

Dutch Kingdom at the fore in Europe: questions regarding Isla refinery on Curaçao sent to the European Commission

Question for written answer E-000267/2015/rev.1 to the Commission Rule 130 Bas Eickhout (Verts/ALE) Subject:       Emissions from the Isla refinery on Curaçao: decades of negligent administration by Dutch Council of Ministers The Isla refinery (hereinafter Isla) on Curaçao has for several decades been emitting toxic substances into the soil, air and water, resulting in at least 18 premature deaths per year and serious biodiversity loss[1]. Isla has been proved to be acting unlawfully, using a permit with  environmental standards much less … Lees meer

Curaçao Chronicle: ‘Open Letter SMOC To Dutch Minister Plasterk’

WILLEMSTAD – The local environmental organization SMOC has recently sent a letter to the Minister of Kingdom Affairs, Ronald Plasterk on the situation with the oil refinery. The SMOC has been working now for years to try to find a solution to the pollution problem that has been doing a lot of harm to the people of Curaçao, especially those who live in the shadows of the refinery. “Firstly, we wish you, once again, welcome to the beautiful Curaçao. The … Lees meer