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Greenpeace International on Curaçao

Internationally, Greenpeace is one the biggest NGOs aiming for environmental protection. Heretofore, it uses ships. One of these ships, the Esperanza, is right now on Curaçao. According to the Twitter page of the Esperanza, the aim of this ship is to improve the ‘health’ of oceans. Amongst the people of Curaçao, it is widely known that the coral reefs and its biodiversity surrounding Curacao are threatened by environmental pollution caused by the Isla-refinery. Perhaps Greenpeace will be shocked by this … Lees meer

Pennsylvania State University: high contents of vanadium in soils near oil-refinery on Curaçao

For many years, the Isla-refinery has been at the center of public debate due to its actions causing environmental pollution and affecting public health. These public voices became increasingly fueled with scientific knowledge. For example, in 1976 Elgershuizen and De Kruijf concerned with the impact of oil-spills on coral reefs (“Toxicity of crude oils and dispersant to the stony coral Madracis mirabilis”, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 7 (2), pp. 22-25,1976). And recently, Pulster (University of South Florida) published her PhD thesis that … Lees meer