Waarom gebruikt Isla vermoedelijk catalyst poeder?

De Isla zal ongetwijfeld verschillende soorten catalyst poeder gebruiken, en wellicht ook vanadiumpentaoxide (V2O5). O ja? Ja. Zie het volgende citaat uit (Jiang, Petroleum Processing and Petrochemicals, 2010):

“Based on SOx transfer catalyst technology, a TRANSTAR promoter for simultaneously reducing SOx emissions from FCC units and sulfur content in naphtha was developed by incorporating active metal components for selective adsorption of sulfur-containing compounds in FCC naphtha and optimizing the components and pore structure of MgAl2O4. Adding composite metal oxides MO-V2O5 into SOx transfer catalyst could promote the transformation of sulfur-containing compounds in naphtha into coke, therefore the sulfur content of naphtha was reduced, as well as the catalyst ability to oxidation-adsorption and reduction-regeneration of SO2 was enhanced. The lab evaluation results showed that the sulfur content of FCC naphtha was declined when using TRANSTAR promoter to reduce the SOx, emissions from flue gas significantly, furthermore, it seemed that the negative effect on product distributions could be omitted.”

De Isla doet hiermee dus een poging om het zwavelgehalte in zijn producten te verminderen.

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